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Welcome – Short Introduction

Christian Feiland is a media professional and the co-founder of the Foreign Media Association (FMATurkey.org) in Turkey. He has a strong connection to Istanbul, where he also contributes to the welfare of street animals in his free time. Feiland is also the owner of BustedTails.com / KirikKuyruk.com, a portal dedicated to helping street animals in the region. His extensive experience in media includes roles such as TV journalist, cameraman, director, and PR advisor at Frame34 Ltd, a company specializing in film, broadcast, TV & video production, social media, and internet videos. His commitment to both media and social causes in Istanbul is evident through his various professional and volunteer activities.

Chris Feiland has a rich family history connected to Istanbul, dating back to 1875. His ancestors, the Meyer family, were watchmakers who worked in the Yildiz Palace for Sultan Abdül Hamid II. The “Meyer Clocks” were well-known throughout Turkey until about 40 years ago. Christian’s grandmother, who lived to be 103 years old, had the honor of meeting Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in perso². This deep-rooted connection to Istanbul is a source of pride for Christian and has likely influenced his commitment to the city and its street animals.

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