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Teaming Up to Help Street Animals in Turkey

BustedTails.com’s Impact

Street animals face numerous challenges worldwide, and Turkey is no exception. However, there’s hope! By teaming up and leveraging innovative platforms like KirikKuyruk.com, also known as BustedTails.com, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these furry companions. In this blog post, we’ll explore how teamwork and BustedTails.com can create a positive impact.

BustedTails.com: A Unique Initiative

What Is BustedTails.com?

BustedTails.com is a groundbreaking web portal designed specifically for street animals in Turkey. It’s the first-ever map-based platform that connects animal lovers, volunteers, and organizations to address the street animal problem. Let’s dive into how you can get involved:

Be a Hero on Your Street

Every street needs a hero! Here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Post Listings: BustedTails.com allows users to post classified ads related to street animals. These listings cover various categories:
    • Institutions and Organizations: Offer flight volunteers, human power, life traps, food, medical help, transportation, and TNR (catch, sterilize, release) services.
    • Adoption and Temporary Homes: Find forever homes for cats and dogs.
    • Lost and Found Animals: Reunite lost pets with their owners.
    • Other Services: Connect pet sitters, pet-friendly places, dog trainers, pet hotels, and pet taxis.
  2. Create a Strong Network: BustedTails.com unites kind-hearted individuals, associations, and institutions. By connecting people, it builds a grassroots movement—a network of the good.
  3. Educational Resources: The portal provides educational videos, posters, and helpful links related to stray animals’ well-being. Knowledge empowers action!
  4. Volunteer Opportunities: Anyone can post for free. Share information, offer assistance, and actively help local stray animals.
  5. Growing Database: BustedTails.com relies on user input to build a comprehensive database of helpers, equipment, vets, and municipalities.

Remember, BustedTails.com was created and is run by two volunteers in their free time. More educational content requires additional volunteers to create well-made videos and posters.

Effective Networking with BustedTails.com

Networking isn’t just for professionals—it’s essential for making a difference too! Here’s how BustedTails.com inspires effective networking:

  1. Harness Lateral Networks:
    • Look within your community or workplace for people you can learn from.
    • Attend virtual meetups and join online chat groups related to animal welfare.
    • Show genuine interest in others’ work and experiences.
  2. Be Curious and Engaged:
    • Introduce yourself to new connections.
    • Match their energy during conversations.
    • Seek opportunities to collaborate and learn.

Remember, your network is a powerful resource. It keeps you informed, opens doors, and enhances your effectiveness in your work.

By teaming up and leveraging networks, we can make a positive impact on street animals and our own professional growth. Let’s be heroes on our streets and create a better world for our furry friends!


KirikKuyruk.com / BustedTails.com was founded and is run by me, Christian Feiland and his wife.

Welcome – Short Introduction

Christian Feiland is a media professional and the co-founder of the Foreign Media Association (FMATurkey.org) in Turkey. He has a strong connection to Istanbul, where he also contributes to the welfare of street animals in his free time. Feiland is also the owner of BustedTails.com / KirikKuyruk.com, a portal dedicated to helping street animals in the region. His extensive experience in media includes roles such as TV journalist, cameraman, director, and PR advisor at Frame34 Ltd, a company specializing in film, broadcast, TV & video production, social media, and internet videos. His commitment to both media and social causes in Istanbul is evident through his various professional and volunteer activities.

Chris Feiland has a rich family history connected to Istanbul, dating back to 1875. His ancestors, the Meyer family, were watchmakers who worked in the Yildiz Palace for Sultan AbdĂĽl Hamid II. The “Meyer Clocks” were well-known throughout Turkey until about 40 years ago. Christian’s grandmother, who lived to be 103 years old, had the honor of meeting Mustafa Kemal AtatĂĽrk in perso². This deep-rooted connection to Istanbul is a source of pride for Christian and has likely influenced his commitment to the city and its street animals.

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